"To become the best loved chicken brand in Africa."
That is our dream.

Hungry Lion is an African chicken brand, operating stores through corporate and franchised ownership. We want to aggressively grow Hungry Lion in the whole of Africa, including South Africa.

To realise this dream we need the right franchise partners (owner operators).

The franchise route of expansion combines both the experience of Hungry Lion's head office support and procedures with the strength of an owner-operator.

The focus of the Franchisee will be on the service and quality of the products in their restaurants. Hungry Lion, through its franchise support team, offers the business experience and support to manage brand standards and to operate the store.

Together we realise the dream. Do you want to be part of this dream?


Owning your own business is exciting and rewarding, but also carries a risk. Investing in a Hungry Lion franchise is a major decision, which must be given due consideration and thought.

Spend time familiarising yourself with all the facts and undertake whatever further investigations you consider necessary before you make any decisions.

Starting a business can be daunting, even more so if you do it on your own. If you join the Hungry Lion family you make it a little bit easier. You join a streamlined franchise system that we have perfected over 20 years of operation; you benefit from our support structures and our well-established brand; and most importantly, you become family. So why take the entrepreneurial risk on your own when you can partner with a team that is passionate about your success.


We're a well-loved African brand
At Hungry Lion, we share more. We have big dreams for ourselves, our franchise partners, our staff, our customers and Africa.
We are bold, inspired and ambitious.

We serve great chicken
"Bigger pieces, more chips".
We give more great chicken with more flavour and more value.

We have high-quality support and training
We love our brand and want to help you make your restaurant a remarkable success. We achieve this through ongoing training and advice from an experienced support team. Each restaurant has an allocated business coach who assists in the opening and ongoing operations. They also ensure that the brand integrity is maintained across all our restaurants, thereby protecting all our Franchisees.

We have the best products for all our restaurants
Being in the industry for several years we have access to the best suppliers in the world. We can negotiate consistent quality supply at the best pricing. Through our supplier base and distribution partner we can maintain product integrity across all our restaurants.

We practice breakthrough marketing
We believe in getting our marketing just right and letting people know what we're really about. You benefit from a focused annual marketing strategy which is constantly being refined based on customer insights, new trends, as well as Franchisee and customer feedback.

We have a well-established culture
We believe in sharing and creating a sense of family, treating everybody with respect and dignity. Africans know us and trust our great chicken, we give more at affordable prices.

We are entrepreneurial
We have an industry experienced and entrepreneurial management team in place. Additional to this we have access to the networks, knowledge and skills from previous partnerships.


We consider a Franchisee to be a unique person. As a Franchisee, you will be running your own business within the parameters of the Hungry Lion brand and business format.

In operating a Hungry Lion restaurant, you will have several responsibilities including:

  • Excellence in service levels;
  • Creating a personalised, friendly and fun environment;
  • Marketing of the restaurant and the brand;
  • Business management;
  • Customer orientation and community relations;
  • People management.

You will not only need the required financial resources and track record, but you will also have to possess the attributes of a business owner to successfully fulfil your role as a Hungry Lion Franchisee.

The ideal Franchisee background requirements are:

  • The Franchisee should be credit worthy and have available financial resources (unencumbered cash);
  • The Franchisee should be financially sound;
  • No formal qualification is required although, in some instances, this may be an advantage.


A Franchisee with managerial experience and/or having been self-employed is ideal:

  • The Franchisee should be computer literate;
  • The Franchisee should be a 'hands on' person who can pro-actively market his business - selling himself, the Hungry Lion concept and experience;
  • The Franchisee must be an 'owner-operator'.


The Franchisee needs to be an energetic self-starter with a professional approach to business, including:

  • The Franchisee must be people orientated with excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
  • They must have a love for working with people and be capable of gaining and maintaining rapport with their customer base through being friendly, patient and tolerant - yet firm.
  • They must be able to manage others effectively, have above average motivational skills and create a personalised friendly and fun environment.
  • The Franchisee needs to share an alignment with the Hungry Lion's values.
  • The Franchisee should be of respectable appearance and of good physical health.
  • The Franchisee must demonstrate entrepreneurial skills; yet also show the ability and willingness to be a team player.
  • The Franchisee should be enthusiastic, dynamic and self-motivated. They must be a 'go-getter' with a strong will to succeed.
  • The Franchisee must consider their business as a long-term investment. They must show commitment and have a loyal and consistent character.
  • By the nature of our business and the QSR sector, the Franchisee needs to have stamina and strength to commit to the hard work and long hours required when operating a Hungry Lion franchise.


We provide intensive training for our Franchisees, which encompasses practical on-the-job training as well as theoretical training. This training will incorporate many elements and is outlined in the Operations Manual.

New Franchisees should prepare themselves for an uncompromising 2 months of training and make adequate provision, both socially and financially, for this period. This is especially important when taking cognisance of the fact that the training will be conducted at the closest Hungry Lion Training Restaurant, which may be some distance away and require the trainees (including the Franchisee) to arrange accommodation, travel, etc.

The training provided is extensive and sufficiently comprehensive to ensure that a new Franchisee is familiar with every aspect of the business prior to opening. Furthermore, and notwithstanding that, the initial staff complement will be trained by Hungry Lion for a period of no less than six weeks.

Only once the Franchisee has been certified as fully competent in all areas will they be permitted to commence operation of their own restaurant and, even then, with the initial watchful eye of their Regional Support Team.

It is necessary to emphasize that the 2 months training of Franchisees is not negotiable and it is imperative that all applicants remain mindful of this critical element at all times throughout the Application Process and the impact of the possible training venue on their overall decision to proceed.


Our Property team evaluates all potential sites and only upon full and final approval of the site in terms of this process is a sanction granted to pursue the establishment of a Hungry Lion restaurant at that location. Here it is important to stress that while every effort is made to ensure that the site will be right to house a viable operation, naturally no guarantees or warranties can be given by Hungry Lion in that regard. By taking a proactive and informed approach to site selection and network growth we will increase and improve our market coverage.

We have an experienced Restaurant Development team that will see a new project through from blue print to completion on a turnkey basis. Included in the turnkey process are the following services:

  • Evaluation and/or selection of premises ;
  • Assistance with lease negotiations;
  • Drawings;
  • Interior design;
  • Site development (outside of landlord's scope of works);
  • Project management.

Under no circumstances may a potential Franchisee present themselves to a prospective landlord or developer as a representative of Hungry Lion unless such representation has been formally authorised by Hungry Lion.


This will be covered once application form and confidentiality agreement has been submitted.

A prospective Franchisee must have R1.5 million unencumbered cash available.


The application and approval process is as follows:


This is to start the application process, verify your identity and assist in making the process seamless online.


A valid application consists of completing the application form in full online. We need to make a big decision together and therefore need all the information to ensure we make the right one.


Once a fully completed application form, including signed confidentiality, has been received and assessed, we will arrange an initial meeting with you. A disclosure document which includes detailed information will be shared with you. This will answer a lot of your questions and assist you to make a final decision.


The one-day working assessment that will be arranged on a mutually convenient day and time at one of our Hungry Lion restaurants. This not only gives us an opportunity to observe you in the Hungry Lion environment, but also gives you exposure to the Hungry Lion restaurant.


Only once all the steps above have been completed in full, will the assessment process culminate in a final decision as to whether you have been approved as a Hungry Lion Franchisee or not. The final decision will be communicated to you in writing.

Hungry Lion's decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into regarding reasons for rejections and Hungry Lion reserves the right to assess applicants based on its standard criteria, as may be amended from time to time.

Next Steps

If you are interested to join the Hungry Lion family, please complete the following steps:

  • Registration - click here to register now.
  • Application Form - after completion of the registration step you will be given access to the online application forms for completion in your own time. Please complete all sections including, Application, Assets & Liabilities, Income & Expenses as well as Confidentiality.
  • Application Fee - with the submission of the application you will need to pay the application fee of R1,000. This covers credit checks and administration fees.
  • We will be in touch with you and will hope to have a meeting at this point. We will share our disclosure form with you and answer more specific questions you may have.
  • Please note that no financial information can be given out without the submission of a completed application and confidentiality letter.
  • Submit any queries you may have to:

The content and structure of this site is designed to assist interested parties with information to support their possible application for a Hungry Lion franchise and for no other reason whatsoever. All contents, of whatever nature, is regarded as private between Hungry Lion and the applicant and, on the same basis as Hungry Lion protects the information submitted by applicants, so it is expected that applicants will reciprocate with the same respect.

All information of a personal nature is strictly for internal use only and will be used for no other purpose other than for the assessment of the applicant's submission, unless authorised to the contrary by the applicant.